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Automotive & Mobility

Explore growth prospects and recognize new technologies and developments in Asian automotive and mobility industry.

Discover opportunities in one of the leading industries in Asian countries. Some countries in Asia, such as Japan and South Korea, are the leader of the Asian automotive industries. However, other countries, such as China and India, also play a big role in this industry these days.

Cars from China and motorcycles from India can be found in various Asian countries. Meanwhile, cars from Japan and South Korea remain popular choices among most Asians. Automotive and mobility industries grow rapidly in this region due to the huge population in this region.

Asian automotive industry evolved gradually outpacing the GDP since the growing rates is above ten percent. This industry reaches 50 million car productions every year in which half of them are made in China.

However, it doesn’t mean that UK automotive industry cannot compete those of Asia. Numerous potential customers can be found in the Asian dynamic markets of automotive and mobility when you enter it. Expanding your automotive and mobility business to Asia will allow your UK based companies to grow fast and large.

Our Key Service Offerings


Asia Market Intelligence

We provide strategic market intelligence in order to assist our clients predicting the development of emerging business dynamics and the changes in consumer demands in Asian automobile and mobility sector.


Asia Market Entry

Upon entering Asian automotive and mobility market, various alternatives are analyzed in order to mitigate financial volatility for clients by mapping
specific market data, including competitors, clients, stakeholders, suppliers, and networks.


Asia Competitive Intelligence

Our company will analyze the competition in Asian automotive and mobility market and benefit from common practices to decrease unnecessary omissions. Our clients will gain immense profit from the identification unmet market needs and blind points.


Asia Customer Intelligence

Our company will conduct a detailed review of the consumers’ preferences of the Asian automobile and mobility market in order to identify their purchasing, demographic, and behavioral patterns and to promote the production of new products.

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