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About us

As an Asia-focused advisory firm, we are specialized in providing business to business (B2B) advices by offering experienced consultancy services and international trade support. Our local UK team will help you to export products to Asia and creating the right business connections to various agencies, businesses, and services in this region. Therefore, you will be able to expand your companies to the region successfully.

Asia Investment Co. is very experienced in helping various businesses to enter Asia’s markets. Numerous British companies have recognized our understanding about Asia’s markets and cultures and our ability to perform market research in Asia. So far, we have been providing trade support and consultancy services for automotive and mobility, chemicals and energy, construction and infrastructure, consumer and retail, financial services, and other industries to enter Asia’s market successfully.

Our local team is connected to the extensive global network. This team consists of foreign and local experienced consultants who have been working in Asia and have knowledge about Asian countries and markets. The local experts working in this firm are excellent in interpreting outlets’ business data because they are fluent in native languages. No more worries about misunderstanding during communications.

The main focus of our company is keeping high level of transparency. This will lead to unbiased support and services. We make our customers’ satisfaction as our first priority. Our company gets excellent and satisfying client return rating.

We Work


Credible and customized insights for UK companies to enter Asian market

Different companies come with different capabilities and unique needs. We understand it very well so that out team will not apply our strategy into uniform design models and structures for all businesses. We will handle each task with different strategy and planning adapted to each British companies’ circumstances in Asia markets.


Asian industry insight and market data

Our team consists of professional and specialized strategy consultants. They directly gain data from Asia’s marketplace. Our consultants use extensive fieldwork and source research to gain confidence as well as necessary information so that British companies can seize the opportunity to expand to Asia.


Local character with global skills

Our team members are international managers and professionals who understand Asian cultures, capable of speaking in Asian language, and have wide market experiences. Asia itself is a continent with thousands languages. Therefore, our team ability in speaking those languages will be useful for British companies to win Asian customers.

Our Team

Damien Duhamel

Managing Partner

Damien Duhamel is the Managing Partner and Head of Digital Business at YCP Solidiance. He is accountable for YCP Solidiance’s regional strategic goals and guides digital transformation activities. Damien is a respected specialist in Innovation and Competitive Strategy with vast expertise in Asia and the Middle East. He has advised numerous Fortune 500 companies as well as a variety of family-owned enterprises in their expansion strategies and transition blueprints.

Jack Fowler

Managing Director

Jack is the Managing Director whose office is based in Manchester. Years of experience in project strategy and delivery has made him an excellent director. He also worked on consultancy activities and corporate growth in Asia Pacific and Middle East. Jack work closely with Fortune 500 clients in manufacturing, automobile, business evaluation & market penetration strategy, and other fields.

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